Bloggers Unite for Peace

Bloggers Unite for Peace

Originally posted on Uncle Spike's Adventures:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil
is for good men to do nothing.”
Edmund Burke

Here are some ways to add your support to this message of peace:

1) Publish the following statement on your own blog
2) Post a link to Twitter and/or Facebook
3) Reblog this post or any post that replicates this statement
4) Request to be 
added to the signatory list below by adding a comment or mailing 


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We are normal, everyday hard-working people with a common hobby, blogging. We hail from far and wide. We reside in different lands, on different continents. We speak different languages, eat different foods, and are of varying ages, professions…

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Vintage – Sam Hill’s Castle Museum, Maryhill, Washington

MaryHill, Washington

1946 Postcard of Sam Hill’s Castle Museum

“In 1907, Samuel Hill purchased 5,300 acres of land along the Columbia River with the dream of establishing a Quaker farming community. He formed the Maryhill Land Company, named after his daughter, and set about building a town. The village included a store and post office, a Quaker church, an inn, a blacksmith’s shop and a stable.

“In 1914, work began on a hilltop mansion that was to be Hill’s home. But the remote location of Maryhill and the lack of irrigation proved insurmountable obstacles and the land company failed. Construction of Hill’s mansion stopped in 1917 . . .”
(see link for the rest of the story)

I remember visiting this museum as a teen-ager/young woman. It was a treat to find this 1946 postcard in my father’s WWII service album.