Ephemera – Mystery

ephemera mystery

ephemera mystery

I found this in a box of my grandmother’s hankerchiefs. The only thing on the back is 10 cents. It’s heavy paper, 9″ across the top, which is a fold. On the bottom, opposite of the green, it has small edges about a 1/4″ high. I think a folded hanky would fit inside. My first thought was that it was a needle pack, but no brand name or needle holes. I suppose it could have also held thread. I’ve been poking around on the internet for the past couple of days, trying to identify it. I contacted papergreat, which is a fun site that I follow on facebook, but still no luck. Any ideas?

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      1. Pam

        Go to google – images, and then click on camera and upload an image to search. It actually works pretty good sometimes!

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