Unwelcomed Guest

Peregrine Falcon from wikipedia

Peregrine Falcon from wikipedia

This morning a dark-colored bird landed under the bird feeders hanging from one of the lilac bushes. Then he went inside the base of bush, came out the other side, flew over to the grapevines, then through one of the junipers, landed on a fence post before taking off. Needless to say he broke up the songbird party at the feeders. They all perceived the threat before he could capture one and peace has been restored. Wow! What a morning! This was the first peregrine we’ve seen here.

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5 thoughts on “Unwelcomed Guest

  1. Barbra & Jack Donachy

    When we lived in California, various raptors would occasionally show up at our backyard feeders. It made things interesting, and we were always thrilled to see such majestic birds in the heart of downtown. Cats were more of a threat to the birds in the long run, (not quite enough room or the raptors to successfully manever) and we did make certain to keep those away.

  2. John

    We’ve had a rare pair of visiting Peregrines for a couple of months harassing the Rock Pigeons from town that have taken up residence in barns up and down canyon this past year or so. We cheer the Peregrines, hoping they’ll eliminate the filthy pigeons, but alas, they still have much work to do.

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