“You could spend you whole day, every day, just wondering and pondering about waterbugs, and talking to others about waterbugs . . . and before you realized it, you would be old. One day you’d realize that you’d never actually seen a waterbug . . .but by then you wouldn’t want to, because it would spoil all your lovely ideas.”

– Tailcasher in Tailchasher’s Song

But does Tailchaser spend a lifetime pondering waterbugs? No, he goes off and has adventures. And the story of his adventures are told the delightful book, Tailchasher’s Song by Tad Williams – a good read for Caturday.

Tailchaser by Matt Rhodes

Tailchaser as drawn by by Matt Rhodes

Archibald Rutledge – “tracks in the sand”

Archibald Rutledge

Archibald Rutledge

Who wakes in the wilderness when night is done
Fancying himself lord of all the land
May see what was not there at the set of sun
And trembling will come to understand
The peril that has passed him in the dark -
Tracks . . . in the sand.
– Archibald Rutledge
(quoted in “Tailchaser’s Song” by Tad Williams)

Biography at Archibald Rutledge Academy. He was the First Poet Laureate of South Carolina.

Vintage Lowman Inn

Lowman Inn, c. 1949

Lowman Inn, c. 1949

This would have been on Highway 21, an “in-holding” in the Boise National Forest. The road to the south is known locally as “avalanche alley” and it is often closed in the winter. To the east, the road goes over Banner Summit (7056 feet) and then down into Stanley.

A forest fire a few years ago destroyed the Sourdough Inn, which probably set on this site. It has since been re-built.

What makes this particular postcard extra fun in the pickup in front. It looks like the 1947 Dodge pickup that my father used to own and in which my siblings and me learned to drive.

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Frayed, bedraggled and battered

The wind last night tore a branch out of the middle of one of my old trumpet vines. It wasn’t a particularly strong wind, but the vines were heavy with seed pods. This morning the hummingbirds still were feeding but not by mid-afternoon.

Trumpet vines are resilient and next year it will have a different shape.